Jeffrey G. Andrews | Director | Lead, New Spectrum and Topologies

wireless communications, machine learning for wireless, communication theory

Todd E. Humphreys | Lead, Pervasive Sensing

Satellite Navigation, Orbital Dynamics, Signal Processing

Sanjay Shakkottai | Lead, Deeply Embedded Machine Learning

wireless networking, statistical learning, bandits and reinforcement learning

Gustavo de Veciana | Lead, Network Slicing & Sharing

wireless networking, collaborative sensing systems, edge computing, service provisioning, machine learning

Deji Akinwande

Integrated Circuits & Systems Electronics, Photonics and Quantum Systems, 5G/6G Switches & Circuits

Alan Bovik

Image and Video Processing Communications

Constantine Caramanis

machine learning, reinforcement learning, reliable (robust) machine learning, large scale optimization, robust optimization

Sandeep Chinchali

Edge Computing, Swarm and Cloud Robotics, Energy-Efficient Deep Learning, Data-Driven Control

Alex Dimakis

unsupervised machine learning, reliable (robust) machine learning, imaging and inverse problems

Brian Evans

Wireless communications, machine learning, signal processing, cellular basestation architectures, millimeter wave, massive antenna arrays, fast algorithms

Andreas Gerstlauer

embedded systems, IoT and edge computing, HW/SW co-design, embedded/edge machine learning

Joydeep Ghosh

data mining, machine learning, explainable and trustworthy AI solutions

Nanshu Lu

Solids, Structures & Materials; Sensing; Bioelectronics

Ruochen Lu

Compact Filtering and Signal Processing Elements at mm-Wave, RF Acoustic Microsystems

Hyeji Kim

information theory, machine learning, wireless communications, machine learning for wireless communications, on-device AI

Aryan Mokhtari

machine learning, optimization algorithms and theory, meta-learning, distributed optimization/learning, federated learning

Lili Qiu

wireless and mobile systems, wireless sensing, and machine learning for networks

Jon Tamir

machine learning and optimization for imaging and wireless communication, representation learning for images and video, computational imaging and sensing

Edison Thomaz

human-centered machine perception, wearable sensing, mobile computing, human-computer interaction, activity recognition

Sriram Vishwanath

Wireless Networking, Security Network Information Theory

Haris Vikalo

distributed sensing and optimization, signal processing for wireless communications, machine learning

Atlas Wang

machine learning, computer vision, on-device efficient AI, hardware-algorithm co-design, optimization

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